Matawhero Winery

Purchased by the Searle family in 2008, the 15 hectare Matawhero Estate needed revitalising and replanting. The old Matawhero Cellar Door at Riverpoint Road reopened in November 2008 and faithfully portrays that idiomatic character the brand is so much loved for. This heritage label now lives on...

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Spade Oak Winery

On the outskirts of Gisborne, Spade Oak Vineyard basks in the sunlit central valley known locally as “the flats", the heart of Gisborne wine country, on land that has produced grapes for generations. But the Voyseys' vision is about unlocking the region’s potential, creating wines of quality from a some say brave and eclectic selection of new and classic varieties.


Millton Vineyards & Winery

In 1984 they started trying to grow grapes without herbicides, insecticides, systemic fungicides and soluble fertilizer using no irrigation. At the time everyone said they were crazy. They spent the next 25 years proving that it was possible and not only that a successful proposition. The Milltons were the first fully commercial and certified organic winegrowers in NZ.


Raglan Roast


You won't find men in white coats and high tech equipment with machines going 'Bing', but more of a barefoot roasters atmosphere where the locals and travellers all gather to enjoy great coffee at prices that will take you back in time.


Harvest Cidery

For over 25 years, we have been producing some of NZ’s favourite award winning cider brands here in sunny Gisborne. We are proud of the ciders we make and welcome you into our world of cider making. Produced onsite are other top brands which include Scrumpy and Thomas & Rose, as well as Bulmers Original.