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Pilsners & Lagers

Beach Beer - Good George 4.5%
Beach Beer is a Session Pale Ale and is bright, golden, with aromas of citrus, hops and passionfruit. It tastes refreshing, lightly bitter.

Can Lah - Garage Project 4.6%
Clean, crisp with subtle citrus and tropical fruit notes, it’s designed to elevate, not overwhelm.

Lager - Giant Brewing Co. 5.0% 
A simple lager bittered with European hops. Ideal session beer for music festivals.  

Lager - Good George 5%
A classic style lager that uses lots of NZ and Czech hops. These give it a great balance between citrus, floral herbal and earthy notes.

Light Pilsner - Sunshine Brewery 2.4%
Citra and Mosaic hops combine to create a refreshingly crisp, flavour-driven light pilsner with subtle lime and lemongrass notes.

Mexican Lager - Sunshine Brewery 5%
A blend of Riwaka and Citra hops and locally grown maize with grapefruit and citrus aromas, it’s worth crossing the border for.

Marzen, Marzenbier - Zeelandt 5.8% 
Super friendly malt driven lager.

Pilsner - Abandoned 5%
Our pilsner combines gentle cracker-like malt with zesty citrus and herbal hop notes. A firm bitter finish and the clean lager fermentation

Sawmill Pilsner - Sawmill 4.8%
Biscuity pilsner malt and distinctive Motueka and Riwaka hops bringing aromas of lemon and lime. Nelson Sauvin for a tart gooseberry hit.

Yum Yum Yuzu Japanese Lager - Duncan’s Brewery 4.7%
A dry Japanese style Lager brewed with Yuzu. Yuzu is a type of Japanese citrus that has similar flavours to lemon, grapefruit and lime.

Ales / IPA

APA - Abandoned 5.4%
Notes of nectarine, passion fruit and ruby grapefruit courtesy of Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops. This is supported by gentle biscuit and caramel-like malt flavour, moderate bitterness and relatively dry finish that gives the beer balance and drinkability.

Banned in DC with Calypso Hop Oil - Bassline 5.5%
A refreshing hop-forward American Pale Ale, brewed using Calypso Hop Oil to add a punch to aroma and flavour. This is a more hopped version of our core APA - Banned in DC - and has big flavours of citrus, tropical fruit and fresh pear. 

Brut IPA - Good George 5.8%
Looks pale and light, and has aromas of citrus, mangoes and white grape. On the palate it's very dry, fresh, and has a clean finish.

Duncan’s Pale Ale - Duncan’s Brewery 5.6%
Our pale ale marries the great combination of American hops and their grapefruit and citrus pine character, with New Zealand hops and their tropical floral notes. 

Eagle Eagle, German Pale Ale - Zeelandt 5.8% 
If the German's did a pale ale we think is how'd they do it. Pilsner, Munich and wheat malts, ale yeast and lots of late hopping with German hops.

English Pale Ale - Sunshine Brewery 4.8%
A classic, English style pale ale that is built on good, biscuity malt, subtle citrus focused hops and a generous yet refreshing mouthfeel.

Falcon APA - Parrotdog 5.4%
Our interpretation of the style takes modern U.S. hop flavours of citrus and tropical fruit and lets them sour on a light and nimble body.

Fugazi - Garage Project 2.2% 
A complex selection of malts and generous dose of Sauvin and Simcoe hops create a light but satisfying beer that punches well above its weight. A true sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Guv'nor, Extra Special Bitter - Zeelandt 5.3% 
Pulled from the hand pump. The taste of the mother Britain (unless you drank Fosters on your OE).

India Pale Ale - Sunshine Brewery 5.8%
This IPA is an explosion of earthy pine and citrus over a nutty malt base. Savour the bittersweet hit of soft caramel notes and 6 different US hops.

IPA - Giant Brewing Co. 5.8%: 
Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops combine with an English style malt base, making for a balanced and easy drinking beer.

IPA - Good George 5.8%
Inspired by the wave of punchy new world hops. A lovely soft malt backbone is balanced perfectly with juicy, mouth-coating hoppy GOODness & a smooth lingering bitterness.

Juniper IPA - Duncan’s 7%
A staple and fan favourite of the Duncan’s line up, this IPA is brewed with juniper berries which deliver hints of pine and citrus aroma and flavour.

Pan Pacific - Garage Project 6.0%
Inspired by the humble ANZAC biscuit, our annual autumn release is brewed with oats, toasted coconut and golden syrup.

Point Annihilation Brut IPA 6.9%
A hit of ripe gooseberry and grapefruit assaults your senses followed by juicy papaya on the palate and a bone dry finish.

Redwood APA - Deep Creek 5.4%
A traditional American Pale Ale style beer, with distinct notes of pine and citrus grapefruit, on top of a solid malt base.

Tiger Milk IPA - Brave 6.6%
A light bodied, easy drinking IPA brewed with a blend of old and new school American hop varieties. The result is a delicious cocktail of citrus and tropical fruit. Tigermilk is bold, but affectionate. 

Wisdom IPA - Deep Creek 6.9% 
Citra, Comet and Cascade give a big citrus hop flavour and aroma, on top of a light malt base that makes for a very refreshing West Coast IPA.

Hazy / New England Indian Pale Ale

East Coast IPA - Sawmill Brewery 5.9%
Juicy, unfiltered hoppy goodness. Lush aromas of pineapple, passionfruit, and fresh grapefruit. Fresh and smashable.

Fresh, April - Garage Project 7.0%
Fresh IPA, a rolling, ever-changing, monthly series of one-offs, unfiltered and unfined, showcasing a unique combination of yeast, malt and hops. Just fun, fresh hoppy beer at its best.

#No Filter East Coast IPA - Sunshine Brewery 6%
Our super popular East Coast IPA packs a huge fresh and fruity citrus hit surged on by massive tropical fruit notes and a balanced bitterness that doesn’t quit.

Misty Miyagi – Deep Creek 6.5%
Zen master, summer Sensei. A strong, gentle brew. Tropical flavours, Mango, passionfruit, citrus are hiding in the Haze.

Oat IPA (New England/Hazy IPA) - Abandoned 6.8%
A juicy, tropical accented IPA with big body courtesy of a big addition of oats to the mash. Big passionfruit and berry notes from the hops combine with some yeast derived fruitiness. An east coast style IPA without the haze.

Party & Bullshit - Garage Project 6.2%
Unfiltered and without finings this is beer in its rawest form. Bigger and juicier than it's bitter west coast counterparts. It's like sipping hazy, hoppy nectar.

Double IPA

Gizzie Infused Gin & Juice - Bassline Brewery 7.7%
A Grapefruit and Juniper double IPA infused in-line from the keg with a special blend done exclusively for the festival.

Imperial Belgian Red - Abandoned 8.5%
A mash up of fruit and malt driven Belgian Dubbel made by Trappist monasteries and the hoppy red ales of the Pacific Northwest in America. Melds into notes of banana, raisin, plum and dark caramel.

Fresh Hop

Fresh Hop Red House - Bassline Brewery 5.5%
A fresh hop amber ale, brewed with Atawhai hops: a mystery breed grown in the backyard of the family home in Nelson. It's a beautiful mix of flavour from malt - toffee, caramel - and hops - floral, tropical, citrus. It ends with a balanced bitterness.

Helping Hands, Fresh Hop Pale Ale - Brave 4.6%
The name is a nod to the kind people who donated the locally grown hops and good folk that came down and helped us get them picked.

Hop Smasher Lager - Gisborne Hops (Spade Oak) 4%
Discover the freshness of Gisborne hops as they punch your senses sensationally. There is nothing fresher than this hop filled delight.

Pulling Cones, Fresh Hop Pale Ale - Zeelandt 5.1% 
Nelson Sauvin fresh hop pale ale.

Sunrise Project Fresh Hop IPA - Sunshine Brewery 6%
The first commercial beer made with Gisborne grown hops in collaboration with Steve Voysey from Spade Oak and Hop Revolution. Hopped with fresh cones of Cascade, Southern Cross and a new trial variety, Pacific Sunrise. Big, resiny citrus flavours overlay a light malt base that lets the hops shine.

Dark Ales

2018 Double Black Days - Bassline Brewery 8%
A full bodied chocolate vanilla stout, brewed with a truckload of cacao nibs and husks. Mmmmmmmm Chocolate

Bruin Lighting - Sunshine Brewery 6.5%
A belter of a beer made in collaboration with Raglan Roast. A Belgian style brown ale made with specialty ale malts, Belgian ale yeast and loads of Raglan Roast coffee. Dominated by flavours of mocha, toffee and spice with a decadent yet clean finish. 

Mean Bounty - Mean Doses 5.5%
As you might have guessed, it's generally about the chocolate and coconut (which is possibly a fruit), and this Raspberry Horizon edition is all about the raspberry (definitely a fruit).


Aloha - Deep Creek 4.5%
Guava Passionfruit sour. The refreshing taste of an island holiday. Fresh lime squeezed over juicy tropical fruit.

Magic Dragon - Garage Project 4.5% 
A devised piece combining pitaya roja or red dragon fruit, galangal root and pandan leaf.

Once Were Watermelons - Sunshine Brewery 5.5%
A super refreshing kettle sour with layers of ripe watermelon and guava courtesy of 200kg of fresh Gizzy watermelons.

Whole Lotta Passion - Bassline Brewery 2.3%
A passionfruit gose, lots of passionfruit, with a light sourness and light saltiness. This beer goes down easy in the sun.


Doris Plum - Good George - 4.5%
All the GOODness of our popular cider married up with locally sourced Doris Plums. Hints of plum & fruit, with sweet and sour taste.

ProHempBition - Harvest 6.0%
Gizzy grown hemp on  Gizzy apple cider. Deep gold, underlying ripe apple gives way to Chamomile, dry hay, subtle citrus and a hint of turkish delight. Palate bursting with citrus. Soft and fullmouth feel, with good supporting acid and a seam of tannin to dry the finish.

ProHopBition - Harvest 6.0% 
Gissy Hops on Gissy Cider. Pale straw,  citrus and floral hoppy aromatics, subtle stonefruit.  Cider is delicate, showcasing the hop aroma. Off dry with plenty of acid.

Rosé Cider - Good George 4.5%
Looks a luminous pinky orange, has aromas of apple and lime, with a sweet refreshing taste of strawberries and vanilla. 

White Wine

Albariño - Spade Oak 12.5%
There's a buzz happening around Gisborne Albariño. One sip of this and you'll understand why.

Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2018 - Matawhero 14.1%
A Gisborne favourite, this delicious Chardonnay has rich, ripe fruit and an inherent creaminess.

Single Vineyard Gewurztraminer 2018 - Matawhero 13%
The first vineyard in New Zealand to plant Gewürztraminer, this is a clean fruit-driven style with richness and great aromatics.

Petit Manseng - Spade Oak 15.5%
Skin fermented Petit Manseng also known as "Orange" due to the colour. This is a centuries old technique where the skins are left in contact with the juice.

Single Vineyard Pinot Gris 2018 - Matawhero 12.7%
This delightful Pinot Gris is a full bodied wine with spice, pear, fig and honeysuckle notes. The wine is soft and voluptuous and finishes dry.

Riverpoint Viognier - Millton 12.5%
A haunting wine with bristling delicacy, buoyed by a noted mineral edge. Poached pear and warm croissant give a spiced and sappy appeal.

Sirius White - Millton 12.5%
Sirius White is a marriage of Chardonnay, Viognier and Marsanne giving this wine a warm ripe apricot character with lifted acidity, scented white peach and honeysuckle

Muscats at Dawn - Millton 8.5%
The wine has a soft, semi sweet, full and tingling flavour like fairy dust and white roses, on a moonlit evening. Intensely perfumed and quite exotic like blossoms in spring.


First Sun Rosé 2018 - Matawhero 12.9%
Summer berries in a glass. A soft fruity wine with creamy notes and a lovely dry finish.

Single Vineyard Pinot Rosé 2018 - Matawhero 13.5%
Hints of strawberry and watermelon with creamy notes and a lovely dry finish.

Rosé - Spade Oak 12.5%
This Tempranillo Rosé has a peach pink colour and a wonderful raspberry aroma. Deliciously dry and ticklish, Don Quixote would most certainly have approved.

Red Wine

Cosmo Red - Millton 12.5%
A marriage of Malbec and Syrah with a splash of Viognier. The taste is dense but alive with mint, chocolate, Asian spice and the warmth of a feather pillow for a fatigued head.

Single Vineyard Merlot 2018 - Matawhero 14%
This full-bodied wine is packed with fruity notes, earthy undertones and soft tannin.

St Laurent - Spade Oak 12.5%
If you like big juicy red wines, you’ll love this handsome stranger. A fruit-forward aromatic dark berry red Burgundy-like wine, elegant and complex with a silky finish and fruitful palate.

Temprañillo - Spade Oak 12.5%
A big velvety red with a fresh top note of gentleman's dressing-room about it. A nose tightly bound with aromas of dark red cherry and raspberry fruits hints of vanilla and distant cigar box.

Fruit Wine and non-alcoholic 

Amrita grape juice - Millton 0%
This deliciously cloudy grape juice is made from the freshest Muscat grapes that grow in our Opou vineyard.

Gladstone’s Ginger Beer – Harvest 0%
A non-alcoholic locally made ginger beer. With strong ginger notes, it is batch brewed that can quench any thirst.

 Harvest Summer Citrus - Harvest 2.0% 
Our Harvest Apple Cider mixed with fresh lemon juice, not concentrate, to create a refreshing low alcohol alternative for everyday occasions.  Sweet at first, with a full body and a clean and fresh citrus finish. 

Rosé - Vine Street (Spade Oak) 4%
Vine St is a naturally sweetened fusion of fruit & wine, with a lick of sparkle and everything good about grapes. Infused with Spade Oak Gisborne Syrah Rose.  

White - Vine Street (Spade Oak) Lightly Sparkled 4%
Vine St is a naturally sweetened fusion of fruit & wine, with a lick of sparkle and everything good about grapes. Infused with Spade Oak Gisborne Muscat.